The Trout Inn

           The next landmark on our Oxford canal walk from Kidlington is the A34 bridge.  I’ve passed underneath it twice now and haven’t felt the slightest urge to use the camera.  I have a friend who’s interested in joining me as soon as the weather gives up on its renewed assault on our senses so I’ll take up the challenge of the A34 next time.

          Once you’ve passed the A34, the  next bridge is the combination of lock 45 and the Wolvercote bridge, 225.

22. Wolvercote bridge 225.

          The canal goes on from here underneath the bridge, as canals tend to do, but for those of you who are up to walking the extra twenty minutes there and another twenty back I’d recommend a detour to visit The Trout Inn.

          Follow the path in the picture to the right of the bridge and head up to the road, turning right as you get there.  Welcome to Wolvercote, quite pretty in its own right and worth a longer visit if you’re out and about on a set of wheels instead of your feet.

          The first breadcrumb I’ll leave for you to follow is The Red Lion.  A quick peep through the front door shows the inside is just at picturesque as the outside and a notice caught my eye boasting of the best carvery in Oxfordshire, a claim which have to be tested at some time in the future.

23. The Red Lion.

          From here directions from a local will send you around the bend (literally) to the left of The Red Lion and following the road which winds in an ‘S’ shape.

          The next breadcrumb is easy to spot, I don’t think I would have painted the yellow shutters quite so brightly, but they do make the building difficult to miss.

24. Yellow shutters.

          There are public conveniences in a carpark on the corner opposite and if you’re driving to Wolvercote this would be the place to head for, but just a note to remember, they’re only convenient if it’s the right season.

          Follow the road a little further, over the bridge and look to the right as you do.  Here’s your first sight of The Trout Inn.

25. The Trout Inn.

          The Inn has its own carpark to the right of you.

26. Carpark view.

          Once you’ve popped inside for a well-earned coffee stop, or maybe even a lunch break, don’t forget to go back out and over the bridge for a view of the riverside seating.

27. Riverside seats.

          Now, those of you with a little better map reading skills might be able to find a different route back to the canal, maybe a walk along the river, but we’re following our breadcrumbs back to where we left off and will head back to the Wolvercote bridge where we’ll take up the Canal walk again.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


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