Final stretch

          We’re re-joining the Oxford canal walk back at lock 45, just below the Wolvercote bridge 235.  I hope you’re enjoying the walk so far, the weather’s picking up nicely for us, it’s still a bit cold, but it’s always nice to see some sunshine.

31. Wolvercote lock 45.

          Here you have two options.

          Either, if you’ve already had lunch at “The Trout Inn“, you can follow the canal underneath the bridge as we are doing today, and head for the next bridge shown in the distance,

32. Distant bridge. 236.

          Or you can go up to the top of the bridge and instead of turning right, turn left to find The Plough Inn.  I’ve seen The Plough from a distance each time I’ve walked the canal to Oxford, and checked it out online, but haven’t dropped in to sample the hospitality yet.  Maybe next time, if you go before me let me know how it is.

33. The Plough Inn.

          According to the map, and I’m no expert when it comes to map reading, once you’re on top of the Wolvercote Bridge, turn left and then take the first right, this should take you straight to the Plough Inn.  After you visit, continue on the same road and look for a foot path on your right as the road bends around to the left, this will lead you back to the canal where you can cross at bridge 236 and re-join the path to Oxford.

34. Wolvercote field bridge. 236.

          The Wolvercote Railway bridge didn’t inspire the camera very much, maybe later in the year with some summer greenery, but the water was so still that it gave a perfect reflection, and I found that impossible to pass up.

37. Wolvercote railway bridge.

          We’ve not got far to go now and I’m sure there are a lot more pretty pictures of the canal and its bridges still to be captures with the camera but this time the detour to The Trout Inn has taken its toll and my tired legs are keeping my wandering eyes in check so we’ll just walk past a few familiar “canal conservatories” and head to the to Isis lock junction.

42. Isis lock junction.

          From the Isis lock junction you’re only a few minutes away from Oxford … and an almost unlimited choice of coffee houses and tea rooms to sit and rest your feet after your walk.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the canal and will walk along with us again next time.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


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