Mugshot : Orange

2013-03. Mugshot - Orange.

          It occurred to me the other day that I have  a whole cupboard full of memories in the kitchen.

          For most people this would be a strange statement to make, but when the girls were smaller and we went on holiday I used to buy a souvenir tea-towel to bring home with us, the plan was that they might wipe the dishes with it when we were home, but the novelty for that wore off a lot sooner than I’d hoped.  It was about this time that I started to buy souvenir mugs instead.

          Back to the original statement, the cupboard in the kitchen now has two shelves full of mugs of all different shapes, sizes, designs and origins.

          As with anything you have with a special memory attached to it, the dilemma which arrises next is whether to keep it locked away safe and bring it out on special occasions or to use it and enjoy the memory each time you do and risk it being broken.  We’ve chosen to use the mugs and I’ve very often been heard to ask someone where they would like to go instead of what mug they would like.

          The orange mug in today’s picture is one of my favourite mugs, I don’t use it every time I can, it’s the sort of mug where you sit down with at the end of a long day and hold it close to you with both hands, giving the feeling that its hugging you back.

          It wasn’t bought as a memory from a holiday, I spotted it on a shopping trip with Mum-in-law and commented on how great my coffee would taste in a mug of that colour, I had a sneaky suspicion that she’d bought the mug for me for Christmas but was wonderfully surprised when I received the plate and dish to go with it.

          Unfortunately, as if often the case with a well used object, the mug has now developed a large scary crack running down the side and across the bottom, visible from inside as well as out so I can’t use it and it’s heading for the bin, before it goes though, just one more outing for the camera to take over the memory from it, just a normal coffee, my Sister has taken her coffee machine home with her and the bank manager hasn’t sorted things for me to have my own yet, apart from that, I don’t think it would have stood up to the steamer for the milk.  The dish is full of my favourite creamy rice pudding topped off with some marshmallows and just so the plate can join the group too, two custard creams to finish off the trio.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.

6 thoughts on “Mugshot : Orange

  1. I’m always attracted to cups too! I’ve spotted some rainbow ones I quite fancy but I really ought to resist ……… 🙂

    Hope you can find a replacement for your lovely vibrant orange cup soon!

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