Ici … à pied … ici …

162. Liner.



          After wandering around the port of Monte Carlo for a while we decided it was time to head back and although the bus was just one euro for the trip back to Nice we thought it would be nice to just stroll along and follow the coastline as our guide, I mean, how difficult could it be, right ?

          Well, you probably know by now that my map reading skills are about as good as my French, however I do know they have limitations so I checked at the little tourist information box before we set off.

          With the words “Vous et ici” still fresh in my mind from my attempt at map reading earlier in the week I tackled the problem in hand.  I smiled nicely at the man in the box and pointed to Monte Carlo on my map with the word “ici”  (here), then a little schoolgirl french from one of the few french classes I actually listened to I made my fingers walk along the page with the words “à pied” (on foot) and drew a squigley line around the coast as far as Nice and repeated myself “ici”.

          The attendant sighed and told me in perfect English that I couldn’t walk around the coast as there was no road.  He showed the route I would have to take on my map, pointing with a pen, and said I would have to go up and over the next hill via the steps in the distance.

          Hey, at least I tried.

          And here’s the view which greeted us at the top of the hill.

174. Monte Carlo port.

           More from before – A holiday in “Nice” and a daytrip to “Monte Carlo” in July 2012.


4 thoughts on “Ici … à pied … ici …

    • Wonderful, you should put all of your “not-smoking” pennies in a pot and you’ll be able to go and visit her in no time. 🙂
      I’ve no doubt she’s got better weather than the snow we have here today. 😀

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