Well actually, handywoman.

          Do you remember when you were a child, putting your hands in a pot of pain and pressing them down on a sheet of white paper to leave handprints ?  Well I had one of “those moments” as I brought in a piece of  2’x4′ plywood from the snowy outside and laid it down in front of the radiator to dry.

          I put one hand on it to lean across and check the radiator was on and left a dryer patch, of course that started something, I put my hand back on top of the patch and the other one along side it, it worked pretty well so then I put them both slightly further up for slightly longer and then watched the handprints appear as the heat from my hands dried up the water.

2013-03. Handywoman.

          The plywood, by the way, was for Alice’s hutch, it’s coming along nicely and she should be moved in by the end of this week.


9 thoughts on “Handyman

  1. I’m wondering if the ‘pot of pain’ was intentional in the first sentence? Well, for me you’ve got it spot on… I don’t appreciate paint… or painting anything apart from a canvas or watercolour pad… so, yes, paint = pain for me!! 😛

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