the Garlic Farm

          Staying with the recently recalled memories of our visit to the Isle of Wight in September 2011, we went to see “The Garlic Farm” in Newchurch.  Not liking garlic in any form, this was very much a Hubby motivated visit but once my nose adjusted to the various over powering scents my eyes found plenty to look at.

          The Garlic Farm shop was filled with garlic (obviously) but it was pretty and very natural looking.

103. Garlic Farm Shop.

          Outside in the garden, a large carved statue of some garlic cloves caught my eye.

104. Garlic carved statue.

          And I even found a few laughs before we left.

105. Garlic & Garlicess.

           More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


6 thoughts on “the Garlic Farm

  1. What a great place. Garlic is such a pretty plant. I love the garlic head loo signs 🙂 I can imagine just how strong the aroma must have been! I do love garlic.

    • I’ve never actually thought of garlic as a plant before, just a cooking ingredient, but I have to admit some of the flowers were very pretty. 🙂
      I believe I saw something on tv about a garlic festival in Isle of Wight too. 🙂

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