Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

          I’ve seen this WordPress challenge come up on quite a few of the blogs I follow and each time I’ve seen the title, it’s raised a smile.

          Not, I must admit, because I’m thinking of ways to do a blog about the future, but more because I’m thinking of the spellcheck on my phone and the strange words it puts into my texts as I’m poking away with my rather large finger on the small keyboard.

          These days my brain seems to be working with its own spellcheck too, I very often use the wrong word.  Mostly, people who know me, will just ignore the strange combination of words I use to make a sentence and work out what I was trying to say for themselves, but every now and again it throws up some entertaining results.

          For instance, one year on my birthday whilst removing a pretty card from its paper wrapping I was having a conversation with my girls.  I’m not quite sure which direction the conversation took, I only remember that I decided not to add my particular words of wisdom to it and stated …

          “I’m not getting into this envelope”

          The conversation (which is the word I meant to use) spiralled off into a completely different direction as you can imagine so having the desired effect any way, but they’ve not let me live that one down yet.

          As for the challenge, each time I read the title I read it as “Future Tents” and it reminds me of a friend in work who has five different tents, each one from a different stage of family camping as the family has changed sizes through the years.

          PAST TENTS :  I used to go camping as a kid with my parents and I can remember a huge family tent with three bedrooms and a separate kitchen with all mod-cons in it.  We didn’t go camping with our girls, camping with us is a more recent thing so our first tent was a little green one, very basic, but big enough to put a “roof” over our head on a trip to climb Snowdon one year.

2009-09. Snowdon.

          PRESENT TENTS: We were invited to a wedding at a music festival, our little green tent was ok, but I didn’t fancy spending a whole weekend in it so after checking out the cost of the tents provided (glamping) we decided to buy our own, bigger tent, instead for a fraction of the cost.  We tested it out at Uplyme, near Lyme Regis a few weeks before and then used it at the “Penn Festival” for a very enjoyable wedding.


          FUTURE TENTS:  I don’t think we’ll be getting another tent, when this one gets a little older and as age catches up with us too, we’ll probably prefer a little more comfort and buy a camper van.

          My thanks to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense” for the smiles.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

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    • Thanks 🙂
      I’m not quite sure “works” is the right description for what my brain does, it just sort of muddles along until it gets where its going but it usually gets there in the end.
      Thanks for stopping by, call again soon. 🙂

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