Weather or not ?

          Hmmn, think of a traditional April morning (not the Easter Bank Holiday weekend because it traditionally rains on that one) but a morning when the daffodils are in full bloom, the trees are laden with blossom, the sunrises are spectacular to watch whilst walking along the ground which is covered in a light glistening dew …

          Now throw tradition to the wind (a very cold one) and look at the April mornings we’ve got here at the moment, the sun has only just been allowed to show its face after the recent snow-filled skies, the daffs which have been brave enough to open are holding their heads low underneath a heavy frost, the wind, a lazy wind my Granddad used to call it, goes through you instead of around you and  your feet crunch on the combination of the frost and grit from the gritting lorries as you walk along.

          Ok, here’s my conundrum … we have a week off in early April and were planning to spend just the two nights camping in Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon.

          We’re not planning to go up Snowdon ~ every muscle in my body just gave a huge sigh of relief at that statement ~ but we are going to be in a tent, half way up a mountain.  Llanberis is pretty basic as far as facilities are concerned, its main attractrion is as a base for walkers, they go in their droves come rain or shine, I’m very much a warm weather walker and I’ve been watching the weather forecast with my heart in my mouth ~ and my head in my hands.

          The trend is up though, especially for the temperatures so it’s looking a lot more promising … but the jury is still out on “weather or not” to go.

1. Morning view.

          This was our “garden view” as I popped my head outside the tent at the campsite in Llanberis on a September morning in 2009.

          More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.


12 thoughts on “Weather or not ?

  1. Hmmm. That is a conundrum. We are planning a fun day with the kids but temps are too cold for a bike ride or hike today. It would have been perfect just a few days ago (in the 60’s) but the temps here in NJ keep fluctuating. Last night it was 26 degrees!

  2. Oh Sallyann you keep bringing memories to the surface. April mornings in England are like April mornings nowhere else. Enjoy your trip if the decision is to go.

    • Thanks. Sometimes it surprises me how often I use silly little sayings which my Granddad used to use all the time. When I catch myself using them it generally makes me smile. 🙂

  3. All week the forecasters have been saying the weather is set to change to slightly milder temps and gentler winds …… but …….. it is bitterly cold here today. Whilst I type, snow is falling – sideways.

    You don’t need my advice but here it is anyway (going by recent pleasant surprises in the weather): go to Cornwall instead 🙂

  4. Sallyann I feel your indecision … but I’d go with Cornwall … only because we are off down there too next week and fingers are xx’d for sun 🙂

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