Remember Speculoos ?

          Remember how I described the “delicious caramelly biscuity taste prepared to the consistency of a chocolate spread and squeezed into a jar for you to do with as you will” in my post “Le Petit Déjeuner” ?

          Do you also remember that I was going to try to visit a Waitrose store to buy some Lotus Caramel Spread which was the name of the same spread being launched here in Britain ?

          Well I did back in November last year, and I ate it, and it was all gone so I had no more left … until today !

2012-11.  Lotus spread.

          This is one of the pictures I took in November and never quite got around to posting, you can see there are two types of spread in the British launch, a smooth spread and a crunchy one, they’re trying to capture the peanut butter market which also has smooth and crunchy.  I bought one of each to give them a go.

          The smooth one was perfect, the exact same taste, texture and smell as the speculoos but without the travel costs, then I tried the crunchy one and … wow !

          The crunchy one nearly blew my socks off, of course I had to taste the pure product on the tip of a spoon so that there was no dilution of the taste and enjoyment by a slice of toast of a bagel etc, (ok, so it was slightly more than just the tip of the spoon, and it had to be more than one spoonfull, just to make sure), but wow, all the same.

          The whole experience was wonderful, the crunchyness of the crumbled biscuit far outlasting the melting in your mouth of the smooth spread …

          Alright, lets not get carried away here, yes the crunchy spread was good on the spoon, but it was a lot more difficult to spread and lost some of the effect of the texture when spread on toast, so, while Hubby played sport in Milton Keynes today I took the opportunity of tagging along for a daytrip with the sole intention of visiting Waitrose for another jar … or two.

2012-11. Speculoos.

          Another photo of the three jars from November 2012, I’ve kept the Speculoos jar as a souvenir from my holiday and the two , long gone, jars of Caramelised Biscuit Spread in the picture have been replaced by two new smooth jars.

          One more little snippit you might find interesting ~ the pack of Lotus biscuits now carries a little advert for the spread, suggesting the launch was a success in Waitrose and we should soon see the spread rolled out across the country in other major supermarkets.


4 thoughts on “Speculoos

    • Sorry about the hunger … I hope you found something suitably nice to fill you up. If not, try the Lotus website ( http://www.lotusbakeries.com ) and see if there’s a link to somewhere near you or your next holiday, it really is one of my best finds.
      😀 (p.s. I’m not on commission !)

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