To camp … or not to camp …

Two nights it will be
in a field with a tree
and the weather is forecast to rain.
If never before
had I slept on the floor
would I ever consider again ?

Should I stay in my house,
read a book like a mouse
Wrapped up in a snuggle cocoon ?
Or risk being bold
and brave the night cold
for a view of a silvery moon ?

Should I wake in my bed
with a soft pillowed head
and yawn from a quiet night’s sleep ?
Or open my eyes
looking up at the skies
my alarm clock, the bleating of sheep ?

Smell my breakfast of toast
a scent I like most
as I pause with my foot on the stair ?
Or will bacon and eggs
and hammered tent pegs
be mingled with dew in the air ?

The question now said
works around in my head
as wondering which I should do ?
The answer is not
quite something I’ve got
so the question is over to you.

2009-09. Snowdon.


8 thoughts on “To camp … or not to camp …

  1. There’s something very romantic about sleeping out under the stars – waking to birdsong and enjoying a wonderful al fresco fry-up. That said – I dislike camping with a passion: hard damp ground, spiders about to drop into one’s mouth, the dark, communal loos. No thank you. A nice b&b with views and a terrace to take in the stars and the scenery. That sounds more amenable. Getting away from it all: YES. Camping (especially with the expected wet weather): NO.

    Love the poem – wonderful! Sounds like you are talking yourself out of the camping trip ……….? 🙂

    • Of course we went … even with the weather which was even kind to us some of the time, Eldest Daughter and Boyfriend came too, it was his first time camping since school age. They’re going again as a group with all three girls and boyfriends in a few months … but it’s ok, we didn’t put him off. 😀

    • I’m not quite sure romantic would be the right description, but we went, and had a really good time. I’ve brought back hundreds of photos to play with. 🙂

    • Ha ha. No candles. Four torches and a battery powered lantern … and a little gas fire to boil a kettle on for coffee in the mornings, outside the tent under a Brolly.:-D

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