Dolbadarn castle

6. To the castle.

          It rained on the Thursday afternoon when we went camping to Llanberis, not all day mind you and quite lightly apart from the odd heavy shower, the clouds parted for a couple of hours as we arrived at about lunch-time for us to set up the tents but then closed in again as we headed for “Pete’s Eats” (who deserve every mention I’m giving them) for some refueling and decision-making.  The decision was made to visit the castle.

          Now Dolbadarn Castle doesn’t have extensive grounds with marvelous gardens, it doesn’t have a huge banquet hall for you to marvel at the beautiful decor, actually, it doesn’t even have a roof … it’s a ruin from times long ago and I have to admit I knew very little of it, not even its name until I googled it when I came home, but the one thing I did know was that it was made of old stone and old stone is very often shown to its best in the rain so the others tagged along while I played with the camera.

          I peered though the old windows out onto the remaining grounds below with a view over the lake …


         And these were the old steps inside the one remaining tower.  Hubby informs me that they are left-handed steps as they go up clockwise instead of anti-clockwise which is the norm.  Imagine you are wielding your sword in your right hand trying to protect your tower from invaders below you and think how difficult it would be to get a decent swing at them with the centre of the spiral always restricting your right shoulder.  Now imagine you were left-handed and how much easier it would have been to protect your property from your higher advantage.

16. Castle steps.

          The sunshine caught my eye as it glinted on the rain on the old slate path to the steps on the outside of the tower, unfortunately it glinted on the rain which had managed to land on the lens as well.  There are Hubby, Eldest Daughter and Boyfriend waiting patiently for me to catch them up again.

21. Wet castle path

          I’ll be the first to admit that the views would probably have been more stunning in bright sunshine, but then I would have missed the rainbow which appeared across the view of the old slate mine as the sun put in another appearance.

19. Rainbow.

          Before I go, here’s a picture of Dolbadarn Castle itself, I climbed to a high perch on one of the walls in the castle grounds to try to catch one of the snow-speckled mountains in the background.  Eldest Daughter was waiting for me to re-gain safe footing with my camera, the other two in our party had retreated to dryer, more sheltered areas as I finished playing.

22. Waiting.

          And one last picture for today, this is what Eldest Daughter snapped with her mobile phone while I was perched on my platform to find my view.

Dolbadarn castle viewpoint.

More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.


12 thoughts on “Dolbadarn castle

    • Ah-ha … in the last but one photo, the one of the castle tower, Eldest daughter is the tiny person you can just see to the far right of the castle.
      The last photo is the shot she took of me from there while I was standing on a wall to take the castle photo.

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