Llanberis Lake Railway

          Llanberis can now boast two separate steam train stations.  First the original, and most well-known, Snowdon steam railway where you can take a leisurely ride up to the top of the mountain, and more recently a station for the extended line of the Lyn Padyrn Steam Railway.

          It’s the Lyn Padyrn Llanberis stop which we passed on our way back from the castle.

34. Trainspotting.

          As the train arrives from its previous “end of the line” stop at Gilfach Ddu, you can see the engine pulling the carriages along.  The train pulls into Llanberis station where passengers hop on and off and the engine detaches itself from the rear of the train.

35. Llanberis Station.

          It moves up and down on a parallel track while points are changed by hand and eventually joins it’s carriages at the other end of the train ready to pull its passengers behind it.

36. Dolbadarn Engine.

          A hoot of the whistle and a plume of steam and it’s off for the return journey.

37. Distant steam train.

          Incidentally, the name of the engine in these shots is  DOLBADARN , it’s been named after the castle  and once the hustle and bustle of the steamtrain has passed, a glance across the lines  towards the mountains shows Dolbadarn Castle keeping watch on the surroundings below.

41. Across the line.

           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and walks in the surrounding area.


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