On the peg

31. Barbed wire.

          These bits of wool caught my eye as we walked down the hill to breakfast.  They’re still wet after the previous night’s rain and looked to me as if they were hung out on the washing line to dry.

          Here are a couple of more traditional “woolie jumpers” I’d seen the day before, the inquisitive lamb looking at the camera and the watchful mum keeping an eye on me.

5. Watchfull mother.

          And another youngster, trying to be “just like Daddy”.

26. Just like Daddy.


9 thoughts on “On the peg

    • Couldn’t agree more, nothing says “it’s spring” like the bleeting of lambs. 🙂
      Although, I seem to remember not being so keen to hear the ones outside the tent at five in the morning in the field we were sharing with them. 😀

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