Run rabbit, rabbit run

          One more update on Alice and Pepper and then I’ll leave them in peace to enjoy the garden without the little red box being pointed at them for a while.

          Last night they spent the night together in the big hutch, the smallest space they’ve been confined in since Pepper arrived.  I popped out to check on them about half an hour after I put them to bed and they were both huddled on the shelf where Alice used to sleep so I went to bed happy, and hopefully so did they.

          This morning I set about the hutches with a screwdriver, a saw, nails and a hammer, and numerous other tools with the plan to join everything together.  I couldn’t risk taking apart the small hutch yesterday incase everything turned pear-shaped and I needed it back for Pepper for a while longer.

          After moving the two hutches and the run around on the patio like pieces of a jigsaw I finally found a spot where they would fit together and started taking bits of wood off here and there, and adding more from the shed, everything goes into the shed so it can be used again if needed ~ and I made good use of the everythings today.   Now the two hutches and the run are all attached so that when we put the two furry friends to bed at night they can have the use of all three but still be perfectly safe until morning.

112. 2013-04-27. Building blocks.

113. 2013-04-27. Run.

          Alice loves to play with the offcuts of wood, I build them up like building blocks and she picks them up and throws them around for me to build them again.  It would appear Pepper likes them too.

          While I was busy I put a spot of paint on some bits of fresh wood so that it will all be the same colour on the second coat.  Pepper just watched from a distance, but Alice …

111. 2013-04-27. Brown nose.

          … Well Alice now has brown fence paint on the end of her nose !


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