I’ve been busy in the kitchen again today, covering the cupboard doors in knotted pine sticky-back-plastic.   I showed an “Artist’s Impression” of the kitchen before I started to move it from one end of the room to the other and after what seems like forever, I’ve actually completed one small corner.

          I didn’t take a “before” picture, but here’s one from half way though …


          The kitchen units used to end at the edge of the chimney, and the bit of wall where the unit backs onto used to have a radiator on it, and a floor to ceiling box in the corner containing the bits of electrics.  You can see the central heating controls on the wall, we did call an electrician in to move them and tidy up the other switches and sockets, I’m not that brave … or stupid.

          I used all of the old units, planning on moving the whole thing across with a minute budget.  You can see I’ve taken the base out of two-thirds of this cupboard and now the bins sit into it nicely.  The other third is still known as the cat cupboard.  Toffee, our cat, used to scratch at the door when she was hungry, then climb into the cupboard to eat her food.  Once she’d finished we put the lid down on the dish and close the door again, keeping the food in and the flies out.  Toffee has long since gone and now there’s another shelf and a space for cleaning bits and bobs there instead.

          I wanted a wall cupboard in the corner too but a double was too much “in your face” as you walked into the kitchen and a single seemed a little lost over the top of the double base unit, so I cut up one of the double wall units and put it back together as a three-quarter unit instead.

          I guess that’s about it for this corner, so now that you’ve seen the picture I took before …

          Here’s one I took earlier …

2013-05. Kitchen corner.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.


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