Kitchen update


          Above is another “half way” picture of the kitchen … what a mess.

          In the picture I’ve got as far as dividing the cooking and eating areas by turning the units around and cutting the worktop to size but not a lot else has happened yet.  The wall cupboard for the radiator corner is still on the far wall and I haven’t got as far as putting a back on the cupboards next to the cooker yet.

          Below you can see I added the back to the cupboards  with a little extra height and then tiled it with mosaic tiles, (these were a nightmare to keep in straight lines when I put them on).  The slightly higher backing on the cupboards means that if you’re sitting at the table on the other side after cooking a meal, you can’t see the washing up which will need to be done when you’ve finished eating.  Also, if you’re in the kitchen cooking, you can quite happily still have a conversation with anyone else sitting on the other side.

2013-15. Oven.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.

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