Time peace

2013-05. Dandelion clock.

          Walking along next to a small stream and then across a rabbit-filled field, soaking up the early morning sunshine while most people are still tucked up in bed …

                    … a very peaceful time indeed.

9 thoughts on “Time peace

  1. Oh I like the picture, Hallysann >>> its a prickly snowball on a stick!

    And I also identify very, very much with the delights of being out and about while most people aren’t – very peaceful says it! I enjoy your blog. Adrian

    • Prickly snowball on a stick … Love it !
      Glad you enjoy the blog, I’ve been spending a little time with the real world spinning around me but am very thankful of my blogging buddies who still visit and share their smiles. Thanks.

  2. Ha ha, it was early morning and covered in dew so the water made it look fuller.
    (I’m quite impressed at how restrained I’ve been in answering your rather impolite comment) 😀

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