Two bugs in a rug

2013-05. Bugs on a rug.

          Ok, two rabbits on a carpet, but Alice and Pepper are getting on great now and settle down together regularly “as snug as two bugs in a rug”.

          They seem quite pleased with the new living arrangements, they wander in and out all day and the doors are closed at night to keep them safe.

2013-05. Settled in.

          They’re quite happy sharing most things, it’s quite entertaining watching them eating from both ends of the same dandelion leaf like Lady and the Tramp with their spaghetti, but Alice isn’t too happy with Pepper climbing into her bird house and I’m not quite sure where I fit into the garden hierarchy yet, Alice seems to stop to see Pepper on the way to seeing me, and I’ get grumped at if I smooth Pepper before Alice when I go out to see them.

2013-05. 3 Rabbits.

          Apart from that, everything seems to be rosy in the garden.


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