Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were out for a stroll one morning when they spotted the evil villain Jack Russell lurking suspiciously behind an old dustbin at the side of the street.  Being a master of disguise Sherlock approached him un-noticed but Jack Russell caught a glimpse of Doctor Watson and turned about-tail and fled.

          Holmes and Watson quickly followed, being led though a maze of cobbled streets and lanes in one of the “not so savoury” areas of London until, a few steps ahead of our daring duo, Russell turned into a dead-end and promptly disappeared.

          Doctor Watson threw his arms in the air in frustration but Sherlock Holmes stood and surveyed the surroundings.

          They were faced with a tall wooden fence, no ordinary fence mind you, this one was made up of vertical boards which had been painted in the colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green …

          Watson stood watching Holmes as he drew deeply on his pipe for inspiration and then stepped over to the yellow plank of wood, the nails at the base of the wood had been removed and it pivoted easily on the one remaining top nail.

          Holmes and Watson stepped through the gap to find Jack Russel eagerly waiting for them after enjoying the chase.

          “Wonderful bit of deduction, Holmes” commented Watson, “but how did you know ?

          Holmes took another puff on his pipe,

“Lemon entry my dear Watson,” he replied, “lemon entry”.

2. Baker Street.

          Sorry, no idea who to give the credit to for the smiles (or groans) caused by the “lemon entry” joke, but if it was you, then thanks.

          The picture of the Baker Street tube stop was taken back in August 2012 when I visited the dentist in London,  we weren’t actually getting off at Baker Street but we stopped there on route and waited for the platform to empty for me to take the picture then got on the next tube to continue our journey.

          Later we stopped at the  “The Sherlock Holmes” pub and restaurant , which incidentally wasn’t anywhere near Baker Street, if you want to visit then its on Northumberland Street and the nearest tube stations are Charing Cross and Embankment.

34. The Sherlock Holmes.

           More from before : Looking at “London” as a tourist.

10 thoughts on “Deduction

  1. lol! I enjoyed it. 🙂 Love the Baker Street station shot, too. I used to meet my husband there after he finished work (during the summer we lived in London).

    • Baker Street has always been my favourite tube stop, I make a point of stopping there each time I’m in London (which isn’t nearly often enough). 🙂

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