Llanberis Quarry Hospital Museum

45. Miner's hospital.

          It’s a damp day today, and casting my mind back to another damp day not so long ago I’m remembering our visit to Llanberis and in particular the wander up to see the Miner’s Hospital.  Unfortunately we were in Llanberis out of season again so I still haven’t seen inside the building but the climb up the steps is well worth it just for the view at the top.

47. Llanberis.

          The hospital is on the opposite side of Lyn Padyrn to Llanberis so you’ve got a good view of the town with the mountains (and clouds) as a backdrop.

          Zooming in a little closer I can show you where we stayed and how we managed to wake up to such a beautiful view.

48a. Breakfast.

          Looking at the two circles in the picture, the top, left one looks as if I’ve drawn around a tree, if you look closely at the base of the tree there’s a bluish tinge to the field, that’s out blue tent.  Looking again, find the circle near to the bottom right around a blue building.  The blue building is the rear of Pete’s Eats, quite a trek down to breakfast in the morning, and also quite a climb back up to bed after an evening spent with good food and happy company in one of the eateries in Llanberis.

          But what a view to wake up to.  Don’t you agree ?

29. Friday morning.

            More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and walks in the surrounding area.

8 thoughts on “Llanberis Quarry Hospital Museum

    • It was really pretty, even without the sunshine. 🙂
      Walking down hill to breakfast wasn’t too bad, but it did make me think two or three times to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything I wanted when I left the tent, just “popping back” wasn’t an option to be taken easily. 🙂

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