Pretty A34

        Hubby and I went for a walk along the Kidlington to Oxford stretch of the Oxford Canal Walk again this weekend, I’d like to eventually photograph each bridge and lock on the way along.  The challenge I set myself for this time was to take a pretty picture of the A34, a mass of concrete, very often crowded with busy traffic.

          This is what I came up with …

A34 buttercups

          Cheating slightly for the A34 bit I think, but hey, the buttercup was pretty.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


10 thoughts on “Pretty A34

  1. Now there’s a challenge… let’s see who get’s their canal done first! 😉

    PS – I think that’s about as good as anyone can ever do to beautify that road! Well done… 😀

  2. I think I’ll have to bow to the master on that challenge. The Oxford canal goes as far as Coventry, a little too far away for me. However, I might get as far as walking in the opposite direction one day – Kidlington to Banbury. 🙂

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