Barry Island

          Barry isn’t really an island, it’s a seaside town near Cardiff.  In its heyday people used to come from miles around by coach to enjoy the flat expanse of sand and the fresh sea air.  Its become a little neglected as late but I believe  there’s a new input of finance and work has begun to return Barry Island to its former glory.

16. Barry Island tiles.

          I remember walking around the fun fair at Barry Island Pleasure Beach as a child with my parents and sisters.  Pennies weren’t exactly free-flowing in those days so we would walk around the whole fair, watching and waiting – a lesson in not asking for this, that, and the rest – and if we didn’t ask for anything on the way around, we were allowed to choose one ride each to go on just before it was time to go home.

          I believe the Pleasure Beach was struggling with closure a while back, there used to be a Butlin’s holiday resort at the top of the hill which has long since been replaced by houses, but the Pleasure Beach still remains.

15. Barry Island 1920.

          It’s a long time since I made a sand castle, something I must do again soon, the tools of the trade for the bucket and spade brigade are still on sale along the front …

17. Bucket sets.

          … along with the high energy food supplies to keep you fully fueled all day !

19. Doughnuts.

          More from before : a quick visit to “Barry Island” in June 2013.


7 thoughts on “Barry Island

  1. This really takes me back to when I was a child and our seaside holidays – although we never holidayed in Wales. Yes: the bucket and spade, little strappy sandals, and those little hand-held windmills ……..

    • I don’t think once you’ve got the sandcastle bug that it ever leaves you. I used to have a large round washing basket to bring the dirty washing down to the washing machine. Instead of carefully placing the washing into the machine I would quickly tip it upsidedown on the kitchen floor and smile as it made a mound the same shape as the basket. Now I have a large Ikea bag, which takes up a lot less storage space when empty, but is nowhere near as satisfying when emptied onto the floor. 🙂

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