Across Cardiff Bay

          This picture, taken from the Cardiff side of the “Cardiff Bay Barrage” doesn’t show too much of the view across to Cardiff, but you couldn’t possibly expect me to pass up the opportunity of a photo of these beautifully coloured stones.

39. Barrage stones.

          The forecast sunshine might well have made for a prettier picture but the rain-laiden clouds reflecting their colour into the calm waters of the bay were a good temperature for walking as we plodded on at a leisurely pace.

40. Across the bay.

          There’s a stopping point on the way round, the decking is pleasant to stand for a while and the semi-covering of wig-wamish sails (you can just make them out if you let your eyes follow the path on the first picture above) provided shelter to stop and read large information boards behind you on the how and why the Barrage was built or there’s a talking telescope to entice you to pause and back out across the bay with a slight awe.

          We paused for a little while to take in the views back towards the Penarth Marina but left the information boards for reading on another day.

42. Talking telescope.

          It took us a surprisingly short time to arrive in Cardiff and after a while I noticed the yellow spots we had been walking over and stopped to read one.

45. Wales coast path.

          It would appear we had been walking on part of the Wales Coast Path.  You can also see from the picture that the clouds had decided it was time to share some of their moisture so we headed for the coffee shop and sat for a little while, re-fueling.

           More from before :Various visits to “Penarth” and “Cardiff“.

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