Cardiff Bay bits

          When we reached the Cardiff side of the bay, one of the things we saw was the Norwegian Church.  Now an arts centre, it was apparently built in 1868 and fell into ruin.  With the re-developement of the Cardiff Bay, funds were raised to save what was left of it and restore it to its former glory.

47. Norwegian church.

          The terracotta brick building, the Peirhead, has been standing in Cardiff Dockland since 1897, its had a number of different uses though the years but the one which most people seem to remember is when it was Cardiff Dock Offices.

49. Dock offices.

          This Merchant Seafarer’s War Memorial was erected in 1997 to commemorate “the merchant seamen who sailed from the ports of Cardiff, Penarth and Barry during the second world war, never to return”.

          On the one side you can see the apparent wreck of a ships hull.

51. Memorial.

          On the other, the ship shape gives way to a face.

52. Face.

          Two cannons point out into the bay, if you look into the distance, on the left of the lampost you can see the barrage and to the right you can see the high ground of Penarth, with the highest building being St. Augustines Church, known locally as “Top Church”.

53. Canons.

           More from before :Various visits to “Penarth” and “Cardiff“.


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