Cats sleep anywhere

          As in the poem by Eleanor Farjeon … cats really do sleep anywhere.

          One of the barges we encountered on the Oxford Canal when we walked the Kidlington to Oxford stretch again in June was, to us, an eyesore, but to a few of the canal residents it was home.

5. Unkempt.

6. Bookends.

7. Sungoddess.

8. Kitten.

           I wouldn’t like to say what else is probably living on the barge with the cats, but before we object on the cat’s behalf, we have to remember that they are free to leave whenever they want, and have chosen to live where they are.

          The cats weren’t the only canal dwellers we spotted on that day …

11. Duck family.

          And I was unaware that someone was watching the watcher while I took this shot of the top of someone’s home, but the young lady was quite happy and explained that the little metal mouse had belonged to her grandmother, and her mother had bought her the bird to accompany it.

13. Little mouse.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


5 thoughts on “Cats sleep anywhere

  1. Thanks for sharing. Hope to be in the UK in September so will definitely be in contact and arrange coffee. Will be fun to meet somebody from the blogosphere IRL. 🙂

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