Since I’ve been singing its praises, I’ll give you a little taste of a trip on the vaperetto (water bus) and you can see for yourself.

41. Lido vaperetto.

          Do certainly buy yourself a pass for the water busses for the time you’re there, we bought ours at the airport and I’m sure we more than got our money’s worth.

42. Rear vaperetto seats.

          Once we’d checked into our hotel I told Hubby that the best way to see Venice was from the canal itself so we set off back to our nearest vaporetto stop.  This, as it turned out wasn’t one of my best ideas.  Our nearest stop was Ferrovia, one of the busiest stops as it was right next to the train station.  We didn’t have to queue for a ticket because we had our passes, but it would appear that queueing is still a very British thing and Hubby got a little frustrated after waiting patiently in line to then be surrounded by a scrum to get on board.

49. Ferrovia stop.

          The Ferrovia stop has two landing stages and since we were waiting for quite a while  for our turn to board from the crowded platform I played with the camera.  The reflections were really confusing … the boat in the window above the Ferrovia sign which is the right way around, is actually being reflected from behind you.  However, the second boat is exactly the same one … it’s the first reflection being reflected onto the window of the platform I was on, then being reflected again onto the window of the original platform in the picture.  Confused ?

          Once we boarded the water bus and being a small female I found it a lot easier to squeeze through the small gaps between people to get a good view, but Hubby had to be a little more careful of who he pushed up against and it seemed was fair game for anyone who wanted to push in.  The trick is to just get on and stand anywhere available at first, then as the crowd relaxes slightly when the side barrier is closed to maneuver into a vantage spot near to the good places, then as people get off, the people near to the good spots can slip into them.  When I went with Eldest Daughter, we travelled to the end of the line at Lido and ended up in the best seats to then cruise the whole length of the canal in comfort at the front of the boat.

43. Vaperetto driver.

          Most vaporettos have seats outside at the front or the back, but seldom both so check as the bus arrives, of course in the weather we had last week, these were very much the favourite.  You have to sit if you’re in these front seats though, no standing up for a better view with the camera so my usual good spot this time was standing just behind these chairs, the pilot/driver/captain (I’m not sure what to call him) seemed to quite happily put up with an outstretched hand holding the little red camera out for a better view on the screen.

          Hubby wasn’t as keen on the vaporetto as me, but did agree that once you were in the right place you probably did get the best views of the Grand Canal.  The bus number and destination are clearly shown on the side as it arrives, the number 2 to San Marco seems to go around the outside of venice, great for cooling down in the breeze of an open space, but its the number 1 you need to catch for a cruise down the canal.  Here’s a quick look at what one of the floating stops looked like from the water, I’ll follow-up with some of the Grand Canal views later.

45. Vaporetto stop.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


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