Healthy breakfast

          All bran, chopped apricots, skimmed milk, a nice enough healthy breakfast, but look how much nicer it can be when you add some sugar and flour to the mix …

2013-07. Apricot branloaf.

          So healthy, I had to have two slices.

          Seriously though, you’ll find the recipe for “Branloaf” in my online recipe book, “Cakes and more” and I usually make it using raisins.  This time I had some chopped apricots hanging around so I thought I’d give it a go.

          The cake tastes good enough to eat, but not quite as good as the cake I usually make, the apricots give it just as much moisture and texture as the raisins but not quite enough taste or colour, any suggestions ?

           More from before : “Cakes and Biscuits“.


4 thoughts on “Healthy breakfast

    • Yes, cranberries would probably work well, they’ve got a stronger taste and a darker colour … I’m not too keen on cranberries though so you’ll have to try it for me and let me know.
      I was thinking more along the lines of enhanching the apricots with maybe brown sugar instead of the usual white, or maybe replacing some of the sugar with honey ?

  1. As always with your concoctions, it looks absolutely wonderful – but what do you mean, you had to have two slices >>> you on some kind of Minimalist lifestyle??????? A

    • Ha ha thanks, I’m just starting a crusade to drop two dress sizes and become a little, no a lot healthier. I figure this would be a great way to eat a healthy snack, much nicer than a quick cereal bar … Beware the allbran though, too many slices could really keep you going. 🙂

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