Rialto bridge

          We’re going to be tourists again and to me Rialto bridge is the Venice equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Too busy and too commercial … but too good to miss.  You simply can’t go to Venice without going to Rialto.

75. Busy waterway.

          The waterway underneath the bridge is a highway for boats of all shapes and sizes from the ornate gondolas and the water taxis to the vaporettos and delivery “vans”.  There’s never a dull moment.

          The bridge itself is a lot wider than it looks, from the outside you can see the closed arches of the back of ten little shops, there’s plenty of room for people to walk over the bridge, for some to pause to take photos and for others to pass completely unobstructed.

          In the centre its a lot busier, the ten little shops are repeated on the other side and visitors weave in and out admiring the wares and making that purchase which is worth the extra expense to be able to remember actually buying the item on the Rialto Bridge.

          I made my purchase a few streets away after we’d crossed the bridge, I saved ten euros on the Rialto Bridge price of 49 euros, however, in some of the quieter areas I did find the same thing in other shops where I could have saved another five euros if I’d waited.

81. Stepping up.

          Depending on the time of day, and which way the sun is facing the far side of the bridge is very often just as full of people, but not busy bustling people, those who are in need of a shady spot to stop and breathe before moving on.

83. Sitting down.

          One thing I did notice very much about the bridge is the beautiful stonework,  I was also reminded of the little piece of slate which I carry around in my pocket and have “worried” smooth over the years and wondered how many hands had rubbed over this particular piece of stonework to make it look and feel as smooth as it does.

84. Smooth walls.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


6 thoughts on “Rialto bridge

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    • Ha ha, I can see how it would be scary, but these shots were taken in the middle of the day, and at the height of their season especially to show the shops and the crowds. Most daytrippers were gone by teatime, and an evening stroll across the bridge was a treat. 🙂

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    • I loved Venice too, I would happily go again and again… Whatever the season. 😊
      Even in the height of holiday season, there are still more than enough little windy streets and canals to go around. 😊

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