San Leonardo is one of my favourite places in Venice.  Add together the markets, the beautiful shop windows and of course, the bargains which are to be found there and its no surprise.

          The only surprise is that after looking though the hundreds of photos I took this time I’ve had to go back to my last visit with Eldest daughter in 2006 to “Hot Shopping” to show you what will greet you as cross the bridge into San Leonardo market area.

          Venice is known for its carnival and the masks are big business as a tourist gift, last time I treated myself to a couple of traditional style masks which still hold a place on the wall in my home.

2011-08. Venice masks.

          This time one of the stalls just before San Leonardo caught my eye.  Actually it was one of the masks in particular which caught my eye.  I almost bought it, taking a photo to go back and buy it later, but in the end settled for just the photo and spent my money on another memory maker instead.

113. Pinochio mask.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


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