At the risk of becoming a little repetitive I’m going to continue on the Venice theme for a while longer.

          Probably my favourite parts of our visits to Venice are the gondolas.  I didn’t actually have a ride in one, I couldn’t quite get my head around how many pairs of shoes I could buy with the amount of money I would be spending to sit in a boat for an hour, but I did enjoy looking at them, and of course photographing them, over and over again.

          At Rialto we were treated to a passing serenade.   (a certain ice-cream advert springs to mind)

87. Music.

          I watched from our hotel window with a birdseye view while this gondolier waited for his first fare of the morning.

28. Waiting.

          Gondolas were to be found everywhere, quite happy to frame a picture here, or add a splash of colour there.  I’m guessing the gentle lapping of the canal water between the wall and the gondolas made this a nice relaxing place to take a break.

128. Sitting.

         Where was the gondolier, had he tied up for the day ?

129a. Taking a break.

          No, he was taking a break too.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


2 thoughts on “Gondola

    • About 70 Euros for the basic gondola trip. If you want to be serenaded or anything else, that’s extra, to be negotiated with the gondolier.
      Lots of shoes. 🙂

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