The Grand Canal has just four bridges which cross over it, the “Rialto Bridge” which you’ve already seen.

76. Rialto bridge.

          The Accademia Bridge, a wooden construction which has apparently captured the same romantic feeling as the “Love-lock” bridge in Paris near the Notre Dame.

134. Love locks.

134a. Accademia bridge.

          As for romance though, I guess the Scalzi Bridge will be remembered for a long time by this bride on her big day, many congratulations to the happy couple.

135. Scalzi bridge.

          I couldn’t help but marvel at the photographer’s tripod, an ingenious contraption for taking photos from angles where he wouldn’t possibly be able to reach otherwise.

136. Bride and groom.

          The final bridge, a recent addition to the Grand Canal is Calatrava’s Bridge.  Looking online I could see from various sites that it’s been shrouded in controversy from its beginning.  I can’t help making the comparison with Paris again, it’s like the glass pyramid at the Louvre, a modern construction nestled amid the traditional.  You either love it or you hate it.

136a. Calatrava's bridge.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


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