Pizza and pasta

          So, what is the first thing you think of when eating in Venice ?

          No, not ice-cream, I meant for lunch or dinner ?

168. Pizzas.

          Ok, now ask the same question and answer it without tomato ?  Makes life a little more difficult doesn’t it.

          I know I’m finiky with my food but hey, I have tried to eat pizza, I love pineapple, bacon and cheese, and the pizza base, but somehow they don’t taste quite as good as they should once you’ve lifted up the melted cheese and scraped the tomato away from beneath it.

          When I was in Venice with Eldest daughter, I practically lived on ham and cheese toasties and huge pieces of fruit from the market, Hubby wasn’t going to settle for that so I trudged along behind him reading menu after menu looking for somewhere I could happily eat out.  Then we found a pizza house which offered ‘white pizzas’, apparently this is just the same as a red pizza, but without the tomato.

          How stupid, why didn’t I think of that before.  Hubby had a spicy something or other, and I had a carbonara pizza.  I’m not quite sure what I expected, maybe a white sauce instead of tomato sauce, but this is what arrived.  Cheese, bacon and an egg on the top.  I must say, I really enjoyed it and we ended up eating there again so that I could have another.

          Since we’ve been home Hubby’s eaten a few pizzas and this has set me thinking.  I brought home a few ingredients and had a go at making my own alternative pizza …

          Ham, pineapple, cheese, a couple of slices of mushroom for good measure and … a bottle of sweet and sour stirfry sauce.

          Hmmmn.  Eldest daughter told me I was disgusting, and Hubby had to admit it didn’t taste as bad as he had expected, but he said it jus tasted “wrong”.  I on the other hand, quite liked it, although it might have been a little rich for my tastebuds and the flavour did stay around for a lot longer than most things I eat, I think the mushrooms might have been too much.

2013. Sweet and sour pizza.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013 and happenings in “my kitchen“.


6 thoughts on “Pizza and pasta

    • Ha ha, they say bad cooking is an acquired taste … but even I won’t eat some of the things I cook. (Cakes are an exception of course, I don’t make many bad ones of those).

  1. You’ll have to learn to braai!! B-r-aa-i! I think that’s about the only way i can write it so you get an idea how to say the word… go hunt yourself an authentic Saffer… you’ll soon get the hang! 😉

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