29. Big ben and bus.

          If I asked you to think of a red double-decker bus, where would your thoughts take you ?

          My guess is you would be thinking of London, where the busses, telephone boxes and postboxes are all the same colour.

          Now if asked to think of a red double-decker bus in Europe my mind would have instantly taken me back to one of my favourite films, Summer Holiday with the “Batchelor Boy” Cliff Richard swinging his way around Europe in a bid to set up a London bus touring company.

          However, next time I’m asked that question, because it’s obviously a question I’m expecting to be asked often, I would probably think first of the bus we saw in Venice on our way to the beach in Lido.

185. London bus.

          Isn’t this a great use for a London bus ?

186. Lido bus.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


2 thoughts on “Double-decker

    • I thought it was great too, I only took a couple of quick snaps on passing, I wish I’d stayed longer and looked inside but never mind, this is one of those memories where the imagination will have to help out later. 🙂
      The London underground sign above the door says “EL PECADOR” I’ve googled it to try and find an Italian translation but can only find the Spanish translation for SINNER, I was thinking maybe it was a church related youth group bus ?
      Oh, and something else raised a smile too, the bus route number was 007. 🙂

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