Crossword conversations

          Hubby reckons I’m on a different planet most of the time anyway and my world has always been a little “strange” but recently my head seems to be playing a new game with my mouth … it keeps hiding the words from me.

         I can be chatting away quite happily when suddenly “pop” the next word in my sentence has gone.  Sometimes I can just dip into the emptiness inside the grey matter and pull it back out to continue with the sentence as if nothing has happened, but other times it must be like having a conversation with a crossword.

          For instance, the other day I was saying something about tomato ketchup and salad cream (trust me, you really don’t need to know the conversation) and one of the words I was about to use just went,  I knew it started with an “m” and I knew it wasn’t short but the only word I could grasp at was marinade and that wasn’t right so I turned into a crossword and started to give out clues as to what my word was … ” its white and creamy,”  I said, ” sort of like salad cream but with eggs in.”

          “Mayonnaise ?”

          “That’s it, mayonnaise,” I said and just carried on the sentence as if nothing had happened.

          The even stranger game my brain plays is when I’m talking away and it hits the spellcheck button without my mouth even noticing and I just carry on with a replacement word and then wonder why no one really has a clue what I’ve been talking about.

          I sit next to a lady (a few years my senior) at lunch during work and she’s been doing the same thing for as long as I’ve known her.  Thinking about it, maybe it’s contagious, or maybe there’s something in the food ?  If not, then I’ll just have to accept it’s just another one of those age things again.

128. Me.


4 thoughts on “Crossword conversations

  1. Oh I think its an age thing, Sallyann, I do it a lot too. And I definitely think the way forward is NOT to say something like “oh, you know, its a thingummyjig!”, but to have to have the courage to admit that the word has escaped you and to describe what you’re trying to say – as you have with the mayonnaise example above – I ALWAYS try and do this. After all, this is just a facet of ageing, a natural thing, something to come to terms with.

    In the same vein, I sometimes forget people’s names – and when I do I just say so >>> “Sorry, but I’ve forgotten your name!”. Hope this is helpful! Adrian

    • Thanks for the advice, its ok though I’m not stressing about it anymore … its just a part of me now and people who know me have probably accepted it long before I did. 🙂

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