Oxford beach

          Yes, you did read it right, Oxford beach …

2013-08. Oxford beach 1.

2013-08. Oxford beach 2.

2013-08. Oxford beach 3.

          I haven’t made as much of Oxford as I could have this year, I’ve just filed these three photos into the Oxford 2013 photo file and they’re the first there !  I still have a couple of months to rectify this, and I also have a special visit to Oxford tomorrow but I’ll tell you all about that in a day or two.

          I gather its “The Big Bang” who is to thanked for the beach in the middle of Oxford Castle Quarter, I found it quite by accident, walking with Eldest Daughter to meet Middle Daughter after I’d spent most of the day in Oxford without knowing it was there.  Apparently it’s been there for the whole of the school holidays and a little bit more either side, It’s still there tomorrow, but the weather isn’t going to be quite so good as it was in August when I took these pictures.

          I must remember to visit this area more often as there’s often something going on, Christmas fayre, Summer markets and of course now, the Beach.

           More from before : out and about in “Oxford“.


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