Oxford adventurer

           I spent a wonderful afternoon in Oxford yesterday with Blogging buddy “Judith” and her sister.  It was a real treat to meet them both and to be part of Judith’s “Adventure“, I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of her travels as she continues to grow younger each day.

          We played tourists and I remembered how much fun it is to see Oxford though the eyes of a visitor, there’s always so much more to see when you actually look for it.

          We lunched in “Pieminster” in the covered market, a first for me too but not a last I’m sure, then we just wandered around just some of the treats Oxford has to offer for the eyes … the Castle Quarter, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library, the Bridge of Sighs, the Turf Tavern, and of course the other treats you can see along the way, just by looking.

          Judith was the one with the camera yesterday, mine stayed mostly in my pocket, but I’ll leave just one photo for the memories …

                    … Coffee with Friends …

2013-09. Coffee with friends.

          More from before : Out and about in “Oxford

7 thoughts on “Oxford adventurer

    • Oh it was. 🙂
      Judith was just as I imagined she would be, it was a treat to meet with her, and her sister too.
      I wonder, do we all show such true images of ourselves in our pictures and writings.

      • I think many of us do, Sallyann. I’ve met several of my blogging friends, and they were exactly as I thought they’d be which is to say, they are wonderful people. 🙂

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