I had a Christmas present the weekend before last …

2013-09. Coffee machine.

          Ah, but before you start thinking it’s a little too early for Christmas, it’s my present from last Christmas, not the next.

          The pennies ran away with us last year so my coffee machine sort of just got “added to the list”.  The list changes each payday, it grows and shrinks in size and things move up and down in order of priority.  Very often Peter is robbed to pay Paul, but this month a couple of unexpected surprises pushed the coffee machine to the top and its here.

          Nine months might seem like a long time to wait, but it wasn’t really, I had my LIttle Sister’s old coffee machine to play with.  Her old coffee machine stopped working and her other half bought her a new one.  We’re both nuts from the same tree and Little Sister pokes and prods broken things to make them work again as well so she took it apart, found the fault and hey presto, had two coffee machines. Her brood are dedicated tea drinkers so the old machine was headed to Middle Daughter here … but rested at my house on route.

          There were no instructions with Little Sister’s coffee machine and since the calories of milky coffee soon add up, even with skimmed milk, I tested out a few ways to make the coffee with mostly water.  I tried just keeping the water running through the coffee into a cup but that’s not so good for the coffee taste, so then I tried removing the handle with the coffee and just running the water from above it.  This turned out a bit messy though because there was nothing directing the water to the cup, it just sort of splashed in the general direction.

          Eventually I ended up making an espresso with the coffee machine and topping up my mug from the kettle, not very cost-effective as far as the electric goes.

          However, now I do have instructions and one coffee machine can’t be too different from another so for all of you who have lost, or simply don’t read the instructions, press the button OFF for the steam option.  Then hold your cup under the steam nozzle, press ON for the coffee option and at the same time turn your dial to open the steam jet.  As the heater inside isn’t hot enough for steam on the coffee option the result is a jet of coffee temperature water from the steam nozzle into the cup.

          My machine recommends using this got no more that about 60 seconds but this is plenty long enough for a cup full..

          I’m getting pretty good at gauging the amount of milk to use for a latte, it froths up to more than the original size, although I gather I’ve got a little too much froth in the coffee below for it to pass Costa standards.

          Oh, and the little orange espresso cups came from our trip to Venice, I know they don’t go with much else in the kitchen (apart from my mug set shown in one of my “Mugshot” posts) but they add a lovely splash of colour sitting on top of the cup warmer.

2013-09. Latte.

         More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.


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