Blank canvas

2013-09. Grass.

          Well here it is, the front garden with the weeds removed.  There are still weeds in the middle to be dealt with, and it’s not what you would call level with any stretch of the imagination, but that’s still to be worked on.

          It’s not quite as blank as it looks and it’s taken a lot of work just to get it this far.  I mentioned in “Mowing the lawn” that once I’d taken out the weeds the daffs would stay safely underneath the new grass until next spring.  Well, plans and mice and men as they are, this didn’t quite work out.  The daffs weren’t as deep as I had expected them to be, and the weeds were a lot deeper so when digging up the weed roots I came across the daffodil bulbs, all packed tightly together with no room to grow.  They’ve been in the ground there for about 8 years now and the last two years or so I’ve had plenty of green from them, but not so much in the way of flowers.  It’s no wonder when you could see how cramped they were.  It took a lot longer than expected (but then, doesn’t everything) and as my Grandad used to say, if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well, so out came the daffs as well as the weeds and the stones.

          On every dry weekend we’ve had I’ve been out in the front garden weeding and sieving the soil around the border.  At one point I looked like I was panning for gold and a man who’d passed by on more than one occasion stopped and asked me if I’d found what I was looking for.  The rabbits have appreciated my efforts as I poured buckets and buckets full of stones and weeds into the back garden.  They’ve been digging through the rubble and picking out the goodies from underneath it.  By the time I’d finally reached the end of the border, the weeds were growing again at the beginning, but it was a lot quicker and easier to take them out a second time.  Then I called in Mum-in-law for some help tp put the daffs back in again.

          It took two Saturdays to get all the bulbs back in again, Mum-in-law is very particular about putting them in right, so I was banished to weed duty while she carefully spaced them with a little scoop of compost into the soil.  Mum-in-law came back again on the final Sunday to put the last couple in, and then after I’d shot off to work, she and Hubby dusted the border with grass seeds and finished it off with a liberal sprinkling of top-soil.

          Now we just wait … water and wait.

8 thoughts on “Blank canvas

    • Thanks, we only just made it into the grass growing season. The daffs are in safely ready for spring but I’m hoping the grass will grow thick enough to cover the border before the first frost. 🙂
      Good luck with your motivation too. 🙂

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