Mugshot : Isle of Wight

          Remember my cupboard full of memories as mentioned in “Mugshot : Orange” ?  Well here’s another mug, this time one we brought home from the Isle of Wight in the September of 2011.

Mugshot Cowes

          COWES : Remember the “Cowes Regatta” with the pictures of yachts and cannons ?

Mugshot Shanklin

          SHANKLIN : And “Shanklin old Village” ?  Our main base for the holiday, pretty thatched rooved cottages, and of course the “Night Lights” at Shanklin Chine on the way to the beach.

Mugshot Godshill

          GODSHILL : A pretty cluster of cottages which, surprisingly, we didn’t actually visit.

Mugshot Ryde

          RYDE : Where the ferry arrives too and from the mainland, and where we picked up two “Hitch-hikers” or their way to the Bestival music Festival.

Mugshot Needles

          THE NEEDLES : Where on a very blustery day I took a “photo” from the shelter of underneath the wooden platform built as a viewpoint because the actual platform was swaying too much to get a clean focus.

Mugshot Ventnor

          VENTNOR : Remember the “waves” crashing onto the rocks and rolling like white horses onto the sand ?

Isle of wight coffee.

          Oh and the coffee ? … Skinny de-caf latte made by yours truly, with just a splash of vanilla syrup.  🙂

           More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


7 thoughts on “Mugshot : Isle of Wight

    • Thanks … I think !
      I like to choose my mug for my coffee, sometimes I look as if I’ve forgotten what I went for, but what I’m really doing is choosing where my coffee will take me as I drink it. 🙂

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