Southport pier

          On my recent trip to “St Helen’s” to watch “The Saints” win at rugby we managed to snatch a day in Southport.

          There are many jokes about Southport beach, it’s said that you can live all your life in Southport and never see the sea.  I remember a picture postcard once with two rather well-endowed old ladies holding up their dresses and showing off their bloomers whilst paddling in the sea.  The caption on it said something about it being the first time they’d seen the water at Southport.

          Even without the sea, Southport has quite a bit to offer, Lord Street – full of a mixture of quirky and traditional shops for browsing, the gardens – beautiful to wander around and view the lake, the fun-fair, and loads more, but it’s the pier I’ll show you today.

          We joined it part of the way along and took a stroll back towards the lake.  You can see Silcock’s Funland (fun and games and amusements) at the opening of the pier in the distance on the first picture …

2013-07. Funland.

          … and somewhere in the distance in the other direction is the sea …

2013-07. Southport sea.

          You can see the old tram-lines from years gone by, and in today’s times there’s a fun little train which takes you from one end to the other.

          As is the tradition, in the middle of British summertime the heavily laden clouds were in plentiful supply but as the sun started to take charge again it’s reflection caught my eye in one of the many puddles.

2013-07. Southport pier.

          Possibly the only water Southport pier got to see on that summer’s day in July.

          More from before: Searching for the sea at “Southport” in July 2013.


4 thoughts on “Southport pier

    • Oh, we used to go to Weston on our school trip in secondary school each year ! Bristol ice-skating rink on the way and then a picnic and play on the sand before we went home. We were always asked for sugestions where to go (I think the teachers were getting a bit bored of Weston) but as a class we always chose the same place to go. 😀
      I’ve not been there since, I really must sugest to Hubby that we go there again. Maybe camping for a weekend next summer ?

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