Drawing inspiration

          Speaking as someone who can see the pictures but needs the aid of the camera to capture the moment, I’m always fascinated (if not a little envious) when I see someone putting pen or paint to paper with such wonderful results.  Bearing this in mind when we came across a group of students in the “Parc Zoologique de Lille”  I was just as happy to photograph the students as I was the animals they were capturing on canvas.

79. Laughing kookaburra.

81. Red and green macaw.

82. Red and green macaw.



89. Zebras.

91. Rhinos.

          If you do visit Lille, and I believe with its own Eurostar stop it’s becoming a popular location for a weekend city-shopping break, be sure to take a little time to visit the “Parc Zoologique de Lille“, its one of the few zoos that I’ve actually felt comfortable in, I could have quite easily have spent the whole day there with my camera.

           More from before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.


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