Victoria footbridge

          Another Hereford weekend is approaching, Little Sister joined me for a day last time and armed with purses and cameras we shopped and snapped with plenty of chat.  She’s coming again this time too, so the question is, is there enough in Hereford to keep us both busy for another day or should we look for somewhere else to visit, maybe a train stop or two away.

          In the meantime, I’ve been back into the files again to see what parts of Hereford haven’t appeared in the blog yet.

          You know me, I’m a sucker for a good seat and although there’s a bit of a chill in the air, if you wrap up warm enough it’s still a nice walk heading away from the town centre and across the river to the park.  Sit for a while and listen to the rustling of the leaves as they fall from the trees.

22. Victoria Bridge.

          Can you see the bridge in the distance ?  That’s the Victoria footbridge.  It’s just as pretty close-up so we’re going to head off in that direction.

4. Victoria footbridge.

          Looking to the other side of the bridge there are some old stone walls.  If you follow the path into the shadow of the trees there’s a good chance you might see the squirrels running around burying a supply of nuts to last them through the winter.  On the other hand if you follow the road to the right of the tree you’ll end up at the pond where I found myself “In search of ducks“.

          Well, we’re here at the bridge, over you go, pause at the top to take in the lovely views along the river in both directions and when you reach the other side … you decide which way to go.

3. Victoria footbridge.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.

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