Shanklin Chine

          After my recent “mugshot” post of the Isle of Wight pulled up a few more memories I went back into the files to find a few more pictures.

          This is Shanklin Chine, a deep gorge where the river has cut its way into the rock on route to the sea.  You had to pay to go through the Chine, but it wasn’t too much, and it was very pretty.  We went through twice, once in the darkness where I attempted some night-time photography in “Night Lights” and again in the daytime to take the pictures below.

26. Into the Chine.

          Once you’ve entered through the gateway at the top of the chine, you’re faced with a lot of steps to climb down into the gorge itself.  Everything is so green and… big !  I gather there are quite a few rare and endangered plants hidden away in there too.

27. Looking up.

          Looking back up from the bottom, you can see just how far the water falls on its way to the sea.  From here on in you follow a selection of paths and bridges, man-made of course, but very sympathetic to their surroundings.  It’s easy to let the imagination run away with the feelings of being on an island out in the sea somewhere (oh yes, but of course you are).

29. Chine bridge.

          The path doesn’t go directly to the sea, it winds around, back and for over little bridges across the river and if you summon the energy to follow the path which goes back upwards towards the cliff-top you’re rewarded with a great view-point looking out to sea.

36. Chine view.

          Of course no real tourist attraction would be complete without its gift shop and cafe would it, but at least you can it and relax on the balcony underneath the fuchsias or next to the water feature full of waterlilies listening to the far off sound of the waves or the splashes of the waterfalls as you enjoy your cuppa.

44. Fushia view.

2011-09. Waterlily.

           More from before – Holidaying in the “Isle of Wight“, September 2011.


7 thoughts on “Shanklin Chine

    • It was beautiful, some places left me wishing I’d just kept my old memories instead of re-visiting, but Shanklin Old Village, the Chine and Shanklin beach were all beautiful. Hubby chose a great place to base our holiday from. 🙂

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