Burford High Street

          Burford is such a beautiful place and yet surprisingly I only have two posts to show for my visit so here’s a dip back into the files to at least start to put that right.

3. The Mermaid.

          I was taken to Burford on a busy Saturday morning for coffee and was quite reserved with my camera but since Burford was so easy on the eyes and camera I’ll have to arrange another visit sometime.

12. Burford Post Office.

          The business of the morning made things a little difficult to find gaps in the crowds to give the real feel of the place, but I imagine the High Street itself on a quieter Monday morning would easily make you think you’d stepped into a time-warp.

13. The Cotswold Arms.

          The tiny little shops display their wares on the pavements outside and everywhere you look, you’ll find invites to go in and feast your stomach as well as your eyes.

9. Shops.

          The signposts suggest where to go next, and the little side streets hint at more treasures to be found as you wander further from the High Street.

14. Church spire.

          Yes, I think Burford is most definitely in need of another visit.

          More from before : a morning in “Burford” in January 2011.

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