Thanks Dad

2013-10. Tank.

          Do you know what this is ?

2013-10. Tank 2.

          It’s a cotton reel tank !

          Little Sister came to visit this weekend and brought this for me from my Dad.  Remember my post when I showed you the giant “cotton reels” on the way to work ended up reminiscing about a cotton reel tank made out of a wooden cotton reel and a slice of candle ?  Well now I’ve got another one.

          The how … ?

          First wind it up by twirling the stick round to twist the elastic band inside the reel.  With the elastic twisted, put the tank down carefully onto the floor, practice will tell you which floor surface best suits your particular tank.

          The notches cut into the cotton reel provide the grip as the elastic inside unwinds and spins it around to move along the floor.

          The little stick and candle ?  These hold the elastic band in place, the little stick holds the one end firmly against the cotton reel, whilst the candle allows the other end to turn easily against the length of stick at the other.

          And the why … ? 

          Simple … and hours of fun.

          Have a go for yourselves and dont’ forget to let me know how you get on.

                    Thanks Dad !

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