Secluded Saturday

          A quiet stroll down one of Oxford’s old cobbled streets was just around the corner after a busy Saturday afternoon spent as some of Oxford’s shoppers.

2011. Bridge of Sighs.

          Little Sister was here at the weekend and Saturday panned out with us starting at Mum-in-Law’s for breakfast, then visiting the Italian market which had arrived in town for the day, before hopping on a bus to Oxford for just a little shopping and some sight-seeing.

          Mum-in-Law and Hubby declined the offer of shopping with us but Eldest Daughter was quite happy to tag along.  The last time our threesome hit the shops together in Oxford we were on a mission as “Personal Shoppers” when Little Sister needed a really good outfit for a politically troublesome wedding.

          After a couple of hours shopping and a reviving lunch at Costa, we left the busy Cornmarket Street behind us and turned right into Broard Street until we reached the King’s Arms then we turned right again into Catte Street and left into New College Lane and under Oxford’s own Bridge of Sighs (pictured above).


          Just as you pass under the bridge you will see the sign for the Turf Tavern on the wall of a very narrow alley way.  If you’ve got time then drop in for a peep, but be warned it’s not quite a well-kept secret anymore and on Saturdays it may be difficult to find an empty seat (but well worth it if you do).

          Once under the bridge both shoppers and sightseers get left behind as you follow the cobbles into the quiet world of Oxford past.  The Lane bends this way and that, and somewhere along the way New College Lane turns into Queen’s Lane.  I spotted this lamppost as we headed for another right-angled turn in the road, and of course, couldn’t return home from Oxford without a pushbike picture.

2013-10. Queen's Lane corner.

          The one solitary pushbike leaning on a lamppost sort of sums up the quietness of the walk and as you turn the corner you’re greeted by many more as you head back into the present day and the traffic on High Street.

2013-02. Oxford bikes.

          As you reach the first of the bikes, pause for a moment and look behind you through the gates into the church, especially if it’s snowdrop season.

2011-02. Scholars.

          Eldest Daughter was our guide for the day and she took us over the High Street and off along another cobbled street.  I’ll take you there next time with the camera, when I’ve worked out how to find it again.

          In the meantime, there’s plenty of posts here for you to enjoy Oxford until I do.

                     More from before : Out and about in “Oxford

*** UPDATE ***

          Robin over at “Breezes at Dawn” has arranged another group walk and I almost missed it, I found the link while catching up with some very much needed “catching up”.  I can just squeeze into the dates if I’m quick so if it’s ok, I’ll count my stroll around the back streets in Oxford as my walk.  Robin took us on a stroll around her new home at the “Wabi-sabi Ranch“.  Looking forward to seeing where everyone is walking again this year.

17 thoughts on “Secluded Saturday

    • Thanks, glad you too enjoyed both. 😀
      When we three emerged onto the High Street from the same stroll last time we turned right to coffee at the same Costa I lunched at this time with Little Sister and Eldest Daughter.
      😀 Thanks for stopping by and leaving s comment. You’re always welcome.

  1. This is such a lovely walk, Sallyann. Thank you so much for joining in on my Walktober event. I loved peering in through the church gates, and that bridge is amazing. 🙂

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Oxford is full of so many pretty buildings. it’s so easy to just look at them and not really see them. Taking a walk with the camera is a great way to see the place through new eyes. It really does have some wonderful treats on show.
      Thanks again for stopping by, call again sometime. 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. Bikes are everywhere in Oxford. You can’t turn a corner without seeing one.
      If you’d like another stroll around the city click on the “more from before” link above and see what else caught my camera’s attention.
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll call again sometime. 😀

  3. Does the sighing bridge have anything to do with the politically troublesome wedding?? Enchanting stroll… none-the-less. I do enjoy the person taking a breather on the stone bench. I’d need a rest as well if I needed to drag that tome about with me…

    • Ha ha, the politically troublesome wedding went off without a hitch … and I believe Little Sister looked as wonderful as we promised she would.
      This one is a wonderful stroll to take on a busy Saturday, not many people use this lane but it takes you from one busy shopping street to another quite a distance away and enables you to quietly recharge ready to go again. 🙂

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