Lucky day

2013-10. Lucky day.

          Walking along the route of the Seine, somewhere between the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower a young man picked this up off the floor in front of us with the words  “It’s my lucky day”.

          He showed it to Hubby and in broken English asked Hubby if he thought it was real.  Hubby slipped on his reading glasses to take a closer look and sure enough there was a hallmark inside so it did look as if this really was the young fellow’s lucky day.

          Then something strange happened.  The young man slipped the ring onto Hubby’s finger and again in broken English said that Paris was romantic and he had no need of a wedding ring so Hubby should have it as we were together in Paris then he started to walk away leaving both of a little surprised.  After a few steps he walked back and asked for a small token for the ring, Hubby gave him a five euro note, after all, if the ring was real it was probably worth a lot more than that.

          The man asked where we were from and  pleasantries were exchanged in Paris between a couple from Oxford in England and a young man from Kosova and then we went our separate ways.

          Hubby being Hubby then started to turn the events over in his head.  He hadn’t actually seen the man pick up the ring, he had seen him rising from the floor with it in his hand, but hadn’t seen it on the floor before then.  Maybe it was stolen !  Maybe there was some poor person lying somewhere in a back alley after being mugged for his wedding ring and Hubby had just bought stolen property.

          I laughed at his catastrophizing imagination and used the camera as a magnifying glass, taking a close-up picture of the hallmark and then zooming in on the little screen to read it, we still couldn’t make anything out so Hubby left the ring on his finger as we walked off towards the Eiffel Tower.

          Quite a while later, on the opposite side of the river a middle-aged lady bent down to the side of us and arose holding up what looked like a gold wedding ring … “My lucky day ! “, she exclaimed.

          Hubby and I looked at each other and laughed,  we were still laughing when she insisted on trying to push the ring onto my finger, Hubby held up his hand saying “I’ve already got one” and she gave up and moved onto the next hustle.

          What a hustle !  I’m quite happy to pay out for a good hustle and this was definitely a good hustle, it’s just as well we’re a little tight with our pennies though, for five euros it was a good laugh but imagine if we’d given the young man a lot more for our gold wedding ring than just the five euros we parted with.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.

8 thoughts on “Lucky day

  1. The cheek of some people! Ah well, it’s a funny memory of your trip! I enjoyed looking through your Paris photos – I have happy memories of a trip there 🙂

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the Paris photos, I’ve plenty of happy memories still ingering on the laptop for me to smile my way though with a warm coffee as the nights draw in cold and dark for the winter months. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Drop by anytime. 😀

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