Retracing steps

          They say you should never go back for fear of disappointment, but one of my plans in Paris was to retrace my steps to update a couple of my favourite photos with better quality versions.

43.) Needle & Eiffel Tower.

          I didn’t quite find the right position, but while I was looking for it, I found this one instead.

2013-10. Spikes.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


2 thoughts on “Retracing steps

    • It is isn’t it, I climbed to a raised area in the park to take the photo on a level with the top of the lamppost and liked the way the distance played with the sizes of tower etc.
      I think I took the photo from floor level, just outside the park last time, and slightly to the right. 🙂

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