2013-10. Metro.

          To those of you who remember me singing the praises of the “Vapperetto” in “Venice” it will come of no surprise to hear that I enjoyed hopping on and off of the Paris Metro.

          Hubby, as organised as ever, bought us passes for the Metro online before we went.  We were there for four days and as you could either buy three or five days, we had five-day passes.  We arrived in Paris on the Eurostar and from then on, no travel fares were needed, the pass covered all of our travel from the Eurostar across Paris to the hotel (and back again later) and on and off the Metro as many times as we liked while we were there.

DSCF0257. Inside metro.

           Since the Metro seems to literally wind across Paris, the Metro trains are made up of short carriages joined together by “bendy bits”. There are no doors between carriages so you can watch them snaking along as they go.
Most Metro stops have a resident busker and very often you are “entertained” between stops with more music or singing – promptly followed by a collection pot. You don’t get hustle often though, I soon worked out that the secret is to avoid eye contact.

          I watched a documentary about street entertainment once and it said contrary to popular belief, they’re not all desolate and homeless, very often they can earn more in a day on a train you or I in our mundane office jobs. I often wonder who is better off, us in our everyday existence grabbing a bit of life here and there or those who have taken the plunge and jumped off the merry-go-round.

DSCF06552013-10. Paris visite.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


3 thoughts on “Metro

    • Sometimes I think maybe I’m too cynical when it comes to the homeless or people asking for money, I’m more than happy to offer my lunch or buy them a coffee, but I never give them money for fear they’ll just spend it on their next fix, whatever fix that may be, it’s a very difficult call.

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