Black and white Hereford

          The black and white house which decorates Hereford’s town centre is just one of those on offer to inquisitive eyes, join me on a Sunday morning stroll while I search out a few more.


          We’re walking into town from the far end of Widemarsh Street, this is the first house to catch my eye, particularly the flowers on the white bits of wall high up in the gables.

1. Widemarsh street.

          A little further along you’re given the option to turn left into Maylord Street and here you can pause to look at a number of different shops nestled in below the beams of the next building.

2. Maylord street.

          Don’t forget to glance across the road to your right at the Imperial public house before you move on.

3. Imperial.

          The black and white is still on display above the shop fronts of the Explore and Symonds shop a few doors further up.

4. Explore Symonds.

          And as you emerge from Whitemarsh street onto the High Street you are greeted by a little remaining black and white nestled into the Newlook shop front.

5. High street.

          Glance to the left for another look at “Hereford’s Bull” before you turn right into High Street and then left into Broad Street towards the Cathedral.

          King Street turns off to the right, and the black and white building on the corner here houses the Tourist Information, always worth a look so pause for a while if you like and see what wonders they can tempt you with.

6. Tourist Information.

          Flint & Cook, and Watkin Thomas are supporting another double-gabled front as you head off along King Street.

7. King street.

          Go just a little further and turn left into Bridge Street for the last of our black and white building s today, the Black Lion public house.

8. Black Lion.

          As the street name suggests, continue to the end of the street and you will reach a bridge over the river.  I’m going to continue over the Wye Bridge and turn left towards Bishop’s Meadow for a longer stroll, feel free to join me if you wish, alternately, make your way back to the Bull in the centre of town where you’ll find the Starbucks I posted from last time I was in Hereford and I’ll join you for coffee later.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.

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